About us

Through our work, we strive to weave stories for brands and bring their imagination to life.We bring various marketing services, all integrated under one roof.

” The White Canvas Studios is a sum total of creative and dynamic people of all age groups. Our team loves to take risks and enjoys exploring new ideas.¬†

We encourage creativity and thinking out-of-the-box that helps different brands think forward. We are often found sitting and working together- where a lot of brainstorming, feedback, and innovation happens. “

Digital Media tie-up

We understand micro influencers and their relevance to consumer brands. We creatively collaborate with the right influencers to design content that speaks to relevant audiences.

We leverage the power of personal connections to engage consumers. Our influencer channels can laser target messages to carefully segmented social-sets or audiences to evoke following and action.

We can connect your brand with a trusted, influential voice who embodies the ideals of your customer base.


Clients who trusted us

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